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Francesco Rubino, MD

Francesco Rubino, MD

Bariatric / Metabolic Surgeon, London, UK

Dr. Rubino is internationally recognized as one of the world leaders in the research, education, and practice of metabolic and weight-loss surgery. He received his MD and completed his residency in general surgery at the Catholic University in Rome, Italy. Dr. Rubino completed fellowships in laparoscopic surgery at the European Institute of Telesurgery in Strasbourg, France, at Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, and at the Cleveland Clinic.

A member of many professional organizations, Dr. Rubino is the recipient of numerous awards, has given hundreds of presentations throughout the world, and is the author of over 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals as well as numerous book chapters. His experimental studies provided the first evidence of a direct effect of gastrointestinal surgery on glucose metabolism independent of weight loss, uncovering a biological link between the gut and diabetes. Dr. Rubino was the main organizer and co-director with Dr. Lee Kaplan and GI Dynamics SAB members Dr. Cummings and Dr. Schauer of the Diabetes Surgery Summit (DSS), an influential consensus conference. The recently released DSS guidelines have been adopted by the American Diabetes Association, and have been endorsed by over 50 scientific societies around the world. Dr. Rubino also served as Congress Director and organizer of the first three editions of the World Congress on Interventional Therapies for Type 2 Diabetes, an international forum for discussion of both conventional surgical interventions and novel endoluminal approaches.

“The potential impact of EndoBarrier for the treatment of both type 2 diabetes and obesity in less obese patients is truly exciting. I look forward to working with the GI Dynamics SAB to further study EndoBarrier and its many benefits for patients.”

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