Board of Directors

The GI Dynamics board is committed to carrying out our mission of improving the lives of people suffering from the global epidemics of type 2 diabetes and obesity through the development and commercialization of breakthrough treatments.


From left to right: Michael Carusi, Daniel J. Moore (Chairmain), Dr. Oern Stuge, Anne J. Keating, Timothy J. Barberich, Graham J. Bradley, Scott Schorer (CEO)

Michael Carusi

Michael is a General Partner and the Managing Director of Advanced Technology Ventures and a Director of both Altura Medical and EndoGastric Solutions in addition to serving on our own board of directors.


Daniel J. Moore (Chairman) 

In addition to serving as Chairman of the GI Dynamics board, Dan is also the President and CEO of the Cyberonics medical device company.


Dr. Oern Stuge

Dr. Oern Stuge, MD, MBA, brings significant experience in medical devices and specifically in type 2 diabetes and obesity. He has also lead successful clinical development programs and global commercialization efforts and has held executive and board positions with numerous medical device companies over the past 30 years. As director, he has helped lead several successful company exits, raised significant capital and launched an IPO.


Anne J. Keating

In addition to her role at GI Dynamics, Anne is also a director at REVA Medical, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Ardent Leisure Management, and the Goodman Group.


Timothy J. Barberich

In addition to GI Dynamics, Tim also serves on the boards of Heartware International, Inc., Tokai Pharmaceuticals, Euthymics Neuroscience, and Newcastle Holdings. He is a chairman of BioNevia Pharmaceuticals, and is the founder and former CEO of Sepracor, Inc.


Graham J. Bradley

Graham serves as a chairman for Stockland Corporation Limited, Energy Australia Holdings Limited, HSBC Australia Ltd., and Virgin Australia International Ltd., in addition to acting on the GI Dynamics board.